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True Macrame Love | Cartamebii Review

Wall hangs… we all want them, we all have the perfect wall space for one, but how are we supposed to pick when there are so many phenomenal macrame artists out there? That question can only be answered one way: buy them all!

Thanks to Cartamebii, I am officially a macrame fiend. 
To start, Tamara, maker behind Cartamebii, is one of the best makers I have worked with. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is also very professional and amazingly efficient! I emailed her and within a few days, I had my very own wall hang on its way to my house!

Beautifully package, my Cartamebii macrame rolled out of the wrapping, perfectly ready to be hung up. The copper hang made it easy to put up and in no time, my wall was transformed! Not only are the colors fantastic, the beading adds the perfect detail to really make my new decor special.

Also included in the packaging was a card explaining the dying process which I found fascinating! “Coffee stain, tea stain, spice infused” it reads… how cool is that?

Makers and their craftsmanship never cease to amaze me. Every time I see my new macrame, I am reminded not only of the artistry it took to make, but also of the creativity that emulates from this amazing handmade community.
Thank you so much, Tamara, for my new decor. I can’t wait for all the #DecorEnvy people will have when they walk into my front door!

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