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Firefly Handmade Market | Boulder, Colorado

By September 10, 2015Events

“A trip to a Firefly Handmade leads you to the intersection of craft, local & small batch, where every artisan has a story, and each item has an authenticity and soul.” (Firefly Handmade)

Firefly Handmade, the premier marketplace for handmade-only artisans, is back this weekend in Boulder, Colorado and Handmade Loves will be there!

Come sign up for our event, introduce yourself, and shop an array of amazing handmade makers!

Founded in 2010, Firefly Handmade Markets has been supporting handmade artists increase their sales and grow their businesses.

We are so excited to be partnering with them and to be more present in the market world!

  Get out there and Apply!

They are currently accepting applications through September 15th for artists to attend both of their Holiday Markets!