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Mona Botanicals | Handmade Skincare

By August 9, 2016Uncategorized

For the first time, I was given the amazing opportunity to review handmade skincare! Iris from Mona Botanicals got in touch with us for a product review and I was ecstatic! A few short days after discussing shipping, my beautiful samples arrived. I am someone who is always hesitant about trying new skincare products, however, the organic elements of Mona Botanicals’ products set my worries at ease.

My skin felt AMAZING. So soothing, it almost felt like the oils I was sent could read exactly what my skin needed. From face soaps, to oils, toners, and scrubs you couldn’t dream of, I know I will be constantly recommending these perfect products. I mean who could say no to a little organic aromatherapy to rejuvenate, refresh & stop aging!

Thank you Iris for letting me step into the beautiful world of handmade skincare. You’ve made yourself a forever fan in me!

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