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Katreenah Jewellery | Meet the Maker

Another stunning vendor strikes again! A fabulous story into Katrina’s handmade business, Katreenah Jewellery. Enjoy!

Meet Katreenah Jewellery

Hi there, my name is Katrina and I am the owner and creative director of Katreenah Jewellery; a quality and stylish handmade jewellery line operating in Edmonton, Canada.

As a jewellery lover, making jewellery came very easy to me.  In 2012, after some years operating as a hobby, I officially launched my jewellery business.

I have always loved creating things by hand as the process of making something from start to finish really interested me. I knew I wanted to work for myself and not sit behind a desk for eight hours a day.  Being creative and choosing my own hours just seemed to fit with my personality. Because I have a true passion for designing and creating jewellery, the long days, screw ups, trial and errors…are all worth it! It makes the handmade aspect of my work even more important, because I really do put my blood, sweat and tears into my product and my business!

I have always been inspired by the history behind jewellery and adornment. I love to travel and one of the things I learn on my travels is about the fashion that different culture embrace. Accessories are a huge part of fashion and I seem to always gravitate to jewellery.

I like to use beads, and other materials from everywhere I go, so when I sit down to make something, it always comes out different and unique. I love to sketch ideas but in all honesty, I just start creating once I have found that one thing that really inspires me. It sometimes will turn out great, and more often than not, a lot of tweaking has to be done! That’s where making everything by hand can be a real challenge. However, the benefits are continuously greater. I am always motivated to keep trying new things and different ways of creating. That’s part of the allure of handmade goods.

You can be sure that my product is of the best quality and is utterly unique. Katreenah Jewellery is chic and unmistakable and is a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and accessory lovers everywhere. Become a member of the and Katreenah Krew and follow us today!

Keep In Touch

Instagram: katreenahjewels

Twitter: @katreenahjewels

Etsy Shop: KatreenahJewellery 

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  • D Watters says:

    Katrina, I love the custom earrings and bracelets you designed for my daughter’s wedding. They are unique and every time they are worn, bring back some special memories of that day!

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