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Little Paper Flowers | New Obession

Paper Flowers. I wasn’t convinced. I started searching our fabulous handmade Instagram and my opinion was immediately changed. Every flower more beautiful than the next. It was amazing! Luckily, I had an email waiting for me from Erica, the magical maker behind Little Paper Flowers. A short week later, I had a beautiful bouquet waiting for me at home. And let me tell you… paper flowers are just as fantastic to receive as true flowers. 

Not only was the packaging beautiful but the colors were so vibrant. I excitedly went to grab a vase and placed the flowers on my dining room table. Ready for a dinner party, my new flowers made everything perfect. The only disappointment in the room came from my cat, who tried to nibble and make a miss of the new floral addition. Sorry kitten, not this time!
Erica, thank you for kicking off my paper flower obsession! I can’t wait to add to my collection!

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