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By November 6, 2016Meet the Maker

Each jewellery piece that comes out of Nadia Younis Jewellery studio has a story and I love stories. Sometimes a customer wants to give their children a special present as a parent, Sometimes it is about giving a friend something special in the form of a charm. Therefore, when a customer comes to me with a story behind a piece it becomes my mission to make the perfect jewellery gift for their loved ones.

As a Birmingham based independent jewellery designer, I make sure each jewellery piece is carefully shaped and put together. As it is very important for me to make each piece myself using the skills I have inherited, studied and that I am proud of. I would never send a design out without knowing I am 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Mission Bespoke…

I take bespoke orders from customers who want something special made to add that extra personal touch to their gifts. Part of this offer is to sit with the customer and work through ideas of what they want.

A basic consultation consists of speaking to the customer about their ideas or what they would like. Sometimes the case is easy the customer knows exactly what they want and the challenge is to live up to their imagination and bring their ideas to life. However sometimes the customer does not know exactly what they want. Therefore we work together using our expertise to guide them to their required goals. 

Once a design is agreed upon if required I will make a sample to show to the customer before going ahead with the final piece. It is vital that the customer is happy at the sample stage so if there are any changes to be made they can be seen at this stage.

Of course at this stage you also encounter any possibilities of how to create that piece differently using other methods, this is perfect for me as it allows me to develop my skills and techniques further.

The Reactions…

It is great to see the final result and it is amazing to see the customers reactions. It also gives me satisfaction that I am able to create something special for them with their help. And it gives the customer the satisfaction that they were involved in the whole process and the journey of their personalised gift.

What brings me joy is not only I create unique one off pieces that will live beyond us but to help and bring joy to another being by bringing their vision to life. At the end of the day everything is personalised for that one person in the receiving end, meaning so much thought process goes into a jewellery piece making it very special.

That is what I love about bespoke pieces and my job. It allows me to peak into someone’s life and bring out something beautiful in a shape of a wearable jewellery piece.

Keep In Touch

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