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Passion Project: SugarSky

With a business plan created on the premise of employing, empowering, and encouraging those right here in the USA, Skyler Thomas creates handmade headbands to the highest degree. She holds a construction engineer degree and has been dubbed by her friends as a “technology geek, ” but at heart, Skyler Thomas is nothing short of a believer. Caring more about customers than making a buck, she left her financially stable director level position at a software company at the age of 25 to follow her passion.

The SugarSky team works collaboratively making sketches and ideas come to life on fabric in order to deliver customers exactly what they want. SugarSky embodies four different ways to style each piece and 38 different patterns that have all been customer tested before released to the public. They also manage to cater to custom orders! Customers can email requests to get the exact style and fabric they are searching for.

Each SugarSky piece is created using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. From fabric sourcing to printing to manufacturing, these headbands are a “made on our soil” good. Each headband is composed of lightweight, super-soft, stretchy fabric knitted in the US, that is breathable in the summer and doubles as an ear warmer in the winter. SugarSky embodies a down to earth love for life and happiness, ensuring it delivers a product to meet customer’s desires. SurgarSky derives from her husband’s nickname for her, Sugar; and Sky being the name she has gone by her entire life. SugarSky is beyond fitting for this brand. The symbol of the product is an arrow pointing North to the Lord where Skyler has looked for guidance.

Originating from Mississippi, Skyler recently settled down in Colorado with her husband of two years, Brian. They also have a blog for their tiny home called, “Wandering on Wheels.” If you haven’t heard of it, take a peek… this couple’s creativity and passion for the outdoors are empowering in and of itself!


Shop: sugarskyshop.com

Instagram: @sugarskyshop

Tiny House Blog: Wandering on Wheels

 Photo Credit: @arturrummel

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