About Handmade Loves

Learn more about Emily, the team and what we do.

Handmade Loves is a place for makers that are creative and business minded alike. It is a community of people from all around the world that love to create and want to share their creations with others. It is a place for learning, growing, and support.

I love discovering unique artisans, and so I have created an authentic space to feature and highlight work. I also have a passion for marketing handmade goods & helping small business grow. My goals are to heighten brand awareness, foster connections within the artisan community, and simply create a wonderful collection of truly useful resources. I’d love to learn more about your handmade business and help make your dreams come true!


There are many ways to get involved with Handmade Loves. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by running a business on your own? Do you ever hit roadblocks with marketing or feel disheartened by what you have tired? Are you wondering how you will ever get enough customers to expand your business? Then, you are in the right place! Let me help you. Join the HL community and find the support you need!

I was born and raised in the Midwest, but I never felt like I belonged or fit the mold. I had little technology or marketing knowledge. But I was drawn to it, even after getting two degrees in education. I knew I had to make a change and follow my dreams.

After some self-reflecting, self-teaching, and lots of mistakes along the way, I am proud to have created a conscious community that supports and honors small businesses and handmade goods.

Through our loyal and huge Instagram following, private coaching, e-book, and lots of free content, I help people like you grow and uplevel your businesses so you can live your dream life.


Emily Strom


Create Brand Awareness

I have dedicated my Instagram account to featuring amazing handmade goods. Apply for a chance to have your handmade items in front of over 175,000 followers. It's free to apply, so there is no risk! It’s all about putting your work in front of our audience and ultimately into their hands.

Access Freebies

This is a great place to get started. I have created a lot of great free resources for you and are always adding to our collection because we believe in your creative ability and want to see you succeed. From free daily planning sheets to webcourses, we hope you enjoy, learn, and grow.

Get One-On-One Coaching

Need some one-on-one-business TLC? Then setup a chat with me. During your hour one-on-one coaching call, I will do a deep dive into the areas of need you specify such as Facebook Ads, Instagram or, list building strategies. Leave with a plan in hand, ready to deploy.

Make Connections

I'm lending a hand to crafters and artisans on Facebook. My social community aims to connect you and other handmade artisans as well as offer support, advice, and encouraging environment. This is a place to make friends, learn, and forge lasting relationships with other makers like you!

Learn Tips of the Trade

Head on over to the blog for lots of tips, advice, and more. I approach business holistically, so you will learn everything from how to use Facebook for business to how to get back into the groove and the importance of self-care. Grab a mug of coffee or tea and head on over some quick, easy, and free tidbits.

Read My E-Book

I love Instagram and have had a great time growing a large audience. In my ebook, The Handmade Loves' Guide to Instagram Success, I walk you through how to use Instagram as a marketing tool. It is broken into twenty unique and easy to digest lessons, worksheets, and checklists.