Have you ever felt...

like you don’t know how to attract new customers or get them to purchase?

like you are on top one day, and the next you feel lost and confused?

frustrated by marketing, social media, and the time it takes?

Here's the truth...

Being a creative entrepreneur is like riding an epic rollercoaster. There are very high highs and very low lows, and you can't always predict what is going to happen next. All you know is that you are so passionate about what you do and so determined to succeed, that you can't quit!

You have to stay focused on what you are trying to achieve, continue to learn and grow as a professional, build a network of support, and just keep plowing ahead. And you MUST take care of yourself!

My mission is to provide you with the tools so you can do all of these things. Together we can build great things. Don't hesitate to shoot me an email and see if 1:1 coaching is a good fit for you!

Finding balance...

I created Handmade Loves because I believe in the handmade movement. I believe in small business, and I want to see entrepreneurs succeed. This is a place to come together, learn and grow and I am so excited to be by your side each step of the way.

As a small business owner, you probably find yourself juggling most if not all aspects of running a small business from creativity and art direction to marketing and everything in between not to mention life outside of work. It can be overwhelming and stressful! Over time I have come to realize that I can't do everything and to grow my business, I also have to take care of myself. It's all about finding balance.

So the equation for a balanced business is a little bit of technical know-how mixed with a heaping dose of self-care and confidence. The good news is, I'm here to help! I'm here to listen. And of course, I'm here to grow your business.

Private Coaching Sessions

Here is what you can expect to gain during our 45-minute 1:1 coaching session:

01. Before

Before our meeting, fill out an intake form specifying areas of focus so we can hit the ground running during your session.

02. During

A completely customized, 45-minute coaching session over the phone or via Skype. I will tailor the session to your individual business needs.

03. After

An actionable plan so you can take what you learn and start applying it to your business immediately after our one-on-one coaching session.



“Emily packs a lot of good information into a 45 minutes session. She gave me a clear, decisive outline to follow. I immediately felt like I had known her for years. It was a great session. Thank you!”

Melanie ShanksOwner, My Big World

“My 1:1 coaching session with Emily was so enlightening that I haven't stopped thinking about it! She came prepared and familiar with my business before we even got on the phone, and gave me so many great ideas on how to expand the social media reach of my business, ideas that I would never have thought of! She is very knowledgeable and thoughtful in her approach and I would highly recommend working with Emily if you're new to social media, and even if you're not.”

Jenna Aliyah GlendaleOwner, Jenna Aliyah Designs

“Emily was awesome during our 1:1 session. She was prepared and informed about my shop and had so many valuable insights and practical tips to help me grow my business. I highly suggest the time with her and am so thankful that we connected.”

Emily JonesOwner, Rooted Leather

Remember to never give up because the world needs you, your creativity, your goodness, and your beauty! Contact me with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi!

email: hello@handmadeloves.com