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Do you have a product you would love to get in front of over 200,000 people? Then I can help! Handmade Loves’ loyal audience trusts in my selective curation process. Applying only takes a few minutes, and there is no risk to you. All Instagram features are FREE. It’s easy, exclusive, and we hope Handmade Loves is the perfect fit for you!
Handmade Loves

Free Instagram Feature Application

Please apply for a FREE Instagram feature bleow. I only accept accounts that have great photography and display high-quality and unique handmade items that fit the look and feel of my Instagram feed. Once you have applied, sit back and relax. I will take care of the rest. You never know when your goods might appear on my account!

Extra Perks

Check out these extra bonus perks when you apply for a feature. Reach your target audience, increase engagement, and become a permanent part of our community.


Features are never taken down after they have been posted. Often times, people will like or comment on posts several days or weeks later so leaving them up ensures maximum exposure. If you are selected, your work will become part of Handmade Love’s permanent collection. It’s an honor with no expiration date.


I am thankful for my loyal following and love to engage with fans. I never buy likes or followers making my fan base organic and relevant. I believe in authenticity, and that means building up a group of genuine fans and work. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, just terrific art and great community curated for the enjoyment of all.


My followers are artists, crafters, and people who love to buy handmade items. With a feature, your work will receive exposure on Instagram. You can be as active in engaging with Handmade Loves as you wish. Tell the world you have been featured, or just sit back and let me showcase your talent. It’s up to you, and the gallery is always open.