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Love and Goodwill red cord bracelet 18 k. gold edition

The design of the L&G red cord bracelet symbolizes the fusion of two thoughts:


The essence of the red cord bracelet is positive energy, creating magic when we give it away to someone we love or care for.

The story of the Love and Goodwill red cord bracelet has been inspired by traditional beliefs from three continents, each having folklore related to the cord:

The beliefs from three continents:

Asia: According to the tale of the “red cord of destiny” the old lunar matchmaker god Yue Xia Lao, the god of marriages, ties an invisible red cord to those destined to become lovers or to meet in predetermined circumstances to help each other. The red cord can stretch or tangle, but will never break. This tale may be the origin of the idea of “soul mates”.

Latin America: In the Mazahua culture, Indian mothers put a red cord on the wrists of their babies as a distinctive mark to protect them against the spirits which return on the festival “the day of the dead” in November. Mothers believe that the spirits will not disturb children protected by the power of the red cord.

Middle east: In the legend of Rachel’s tomb, the red cord is related to the “evil eye.” According to this belief, the cord has the power to protect the one wearing it on the left hand against another person’s envy, negative thoughts, or destructive energies.

The L&G red cord is a very special gift for anyone and for any occasion and is a storytelling piece. In itself, the bracelet embodies a meaningful message: the symbol of love, fraternity, friendship, union… 

More Details

  • The L&G Red Cord bracelet is made in high quality resistant silk with a gold knot of 18k. and is available for everyone:
  • 8 cm. for mini wrist (XXS)
  • 10 cm. for small wrist (XS)
  • 12 cm. for  small to normal wrist /women (M)
  • 14 cm. for large to extra large writs (L)
  • 16 cm. (XL)
  • 16 cm + (XXL)
  • The L&G red cord bracelet is waterproof and it is designed to resist daily activities.
  • The cord has a life period of 6-9 months under normal conditions.
  • The card that holds the L&G red cord, has a double function: It is a meaningful gift-card with the story of the L&G Red Cord bracelet printed on it, and it is also the certificate of authenticity and guarantee.
  • This special 18k. gold edition comes with an extra silk red cord ready to assembled and includes a small canvas bag to preserve the cord.
  • Our logo, the knot, is included in all our pieces in order to ensure their authenticity and its quality.

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XS 8cm, S 10cm, M 12cm, L 14 cm, XL 16cm, XXL 16cm+