Green Polka Dot Scarf



Product Description

Knighbury’s polka dot scarf is the perfect summer fun accessory. Though our army green and burnt red scarves each have polka dots incorporated into their print, each scarf definitely has an identity of its own. For anyone that wanted to look extra fashionable at work, or have something on hand for when an unexpected chill arrives, our chiffon, polka dot scarves are for you. Hand block printed with azo-free, non-toxic dyes, this style is more than just a pretty scarf; it is also eco-friendly, making it a definite must have!

Disclosure: No returns will be accepted based on inconsistency in pattern and/or color of the print. All our product is hand block stamped and made in natural environment. Also, most of the printing is done with dyes derived from plants and natural resources, and dried in natural sunlight. Since our product is so weather dependent, the color and hue may vary from one batch to another. Additionally, since no measuring tools are used and pattern placement is based on the artists’ judgement and skill, there might be inconsistencies in alignment. Therefore, due to the nature of hand block printing, these inconsistencies are considered typical characteristics of the process, and not a defect.

More Details

  • Handmade by Knighbury
  • Designed in Orange County and hand block printed in the desert region of India
  • Print can be seen on both sides of the scarf
  • Color: Red/Black/White | Green/Red/Black
  • Dimensions: 78″ x 37″
  • Material: 80% viscose, 20% cotton
  • Hand wash or machine wash with cold water; hang dry
  • Shipping available worldwide. International shipping charges will be incurred by the customer.
  • Please allow 2-5 days for item to ship.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs