Moon Necklace


Product Description

This Moon Necklace is part of the Celestial Mini Hoop Art Necklace Collection along with The Half Moon Necklace and the Big Dipper Necklace made by Marys-Dream-Studio.  The Moon is a constant in the night sky and in all of our lives.  One of the most beloved stars of song, story, and art, the Moon speaks to all of us.  Young and old watch the night sky for the changing phases of the Moon.  The Celestial Collection includes the Full Moon, The Half or Crescent Moon and the Big Dipper.

The Full Moon Necklace will appeal to anyone on your gift list!  Nature lovers and dreamers of all types would love to wear this lovely necklace.  Each Full Moon pendant is hand embroidered from the artists own drawings and framed in a beautiful miniature wooden embroidery hoop. (  The pendant is strung on high quality leather cord and sliding knots are used to allow for easy length adjustment.  Every pendant is finished beautifully with a smooth wooden back plate and signed by Mary herself!  There is plenty of room on the back plate to inscribe a special note if you wish.  Some suggestions:  I love you to the moon, shoot for the moon.

Sci fi lovers, star gazers, dreamers of all kinds will love this!

More Details

  • Handmade by Mary Owens White of Marys-Dream-Studio in the Hudson Valley of New York
  • Hand embroidered by the artist with her own copyrighted designs.  These designs may not be copied or reproduced without the permission of the artist.
  • Ships worldwide
  • Please allow 5 days for your Full Moon Necklace to ship
  • Dimensions:  4 cm hoop, adjustable cord approx. 22-28″
  • Cotton, wood, and leather
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.