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3 Easy Steps to Get You Back Into “The Groove” at Work

Don’t lie. We’ve all been there. Laptop’s out. Coffee cup is full. To-do list is long. You’re about to get started with your workday when Danielle “likes” something you posted on Facebook. One notification turns into Buzzfeed’s 21 Cookies You Need To Make For The Holidays  (stay strong), 4 trips to the bathroom, and a mild binge of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. Dreams of a duty-free agenda quickly become a procrastinator’s nightmare…all because of (damn) Danielle.
But there’s hope.  To help get you back into the “groove” here are three easy steps that you can apply today (as you procrastinate, reading this).


Did you know the phrase “get in the groove” is referring to the needle that is riding a track on a record player? Makes sense then that step #1 is dedicated to music. If you haven’t yet – download Spotify. As a remote-working freelancer, I think my most important investment has been the Spotify premium plan (i.e. commercial free). What I love the most about Spotify is the “Browse” section. Once there, click on the “Genre & Moods” tab at the top and scroll down to find your “mood” of choice. Since there are a ton of options to choose from, I took one for the team and sifted through two moods you should plug into right now: “Chill” & “Jazz.”



*Caution. This next step requires you to step away from your phone.*
Take a deep breath and follow these next steps:
  • Make sure the kids are fed, and your mother-in-law isn’t en-route.
  • Set an alarm on your phone for one hour using the free app, “Insight Timer.” I use “Insight Timer” over my regular alarm because when the hour is up, it will play a nice meditative “gong” sound versus the alarm I wake up to (and no one wants to hear that sound more than once).
  • Next, hide your phone, so it’s out of reach (and if you are in a coffee shop, bury it in your bag). Now dedicate yourself to one hour of undisturbed, Danielle-free, in the groove, workflow magic.


Once the gong goes off, it’s time to take a walk. I mean it – get up, go fetch the gong that you put in your daughter’s beanbag chair (or if you’re in the cafe when it goes off, just look at the person near you and say “Namaste”).
Next, step away from your computer and get out of your chair. If it’s a nice day, go outside and if it’s freezing out there, go outside (it will wake you up). Take 10-15 minutes away from “the stuff,” then set the gong for another hour, hit “shuffle” on Spotify and you’re on your way.

Keep yourself accountable use #GettingInTheGroove on our FB page!




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