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Make All Jewelry a Creation | Creations By Kristel

Let me start by just raving about Kristel. We work with many vendors, and we love each and every one. However, we have known Kristel for some time now and have gotten to see her skills improve over time, her creativity grow, and her craft change.

Her current creations are everything we’d hoped to find and more. When I first started planning her product review, I had to ask my friends to help me narrow down which necklace I wanted. In the end, none of us could choose, so I had Kristel surprise me. Knowing there was no way I could be disappointed, I was thrilled to receive my little-packaged present in the mail.

Some people have quality concerns when it comes to shopping small, but we can assure you that we have never been disappointed by any of the vendors we work with. How could we be? Every piece is beautifully handcrafted with such detail that you are more likely to get great quality when shopping independently than impulsively buying a piece of jewelry that has been mass produced by machines!

Still have concerns about shopping small? Why not start with a beautiful Creation by Kristel peace? You can’t go wrong with any of her designs.

Just take a peek at her whole collection & try to resist (just kidding.. why resist?!)

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