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Karing Vibes | Creative Magic | Guest Blogger

We’re thrilled to invite back Kari from @KaringVibes for another guest blog submission. Talented artist and creative writer, we can’t get enough.


Hello creative friends!
I am so happy to be back! If you read my last piece, you’ll remember that I wrote about the importance of releasing expectations and letting creativity flow without judgment. That piece was a manifestation of those very ideas. I started out with different intentions in mind, and BAM, those words spilled out. It was pretty magical.
This week, I’m sticking with the magic theme, but I’m focusing on my favorite form of magic—painting!
I think you can guess by now that I am pretty spiritually inclined. To me, there is nothing more spiritual than creation. It is the miraculous process of making something that didn’t exist before YOU created it. There are millions of outlets in which these words ring true: writing, building, playing music, sewing and my favorite—painting. It is pure magic!
This is how I know my creativity is magic. About 8 months ago, I painted my first piece in a series called Wildlife In Footwear. Since then, I have become a woman obsessed with painting animals wearing shoes. I cannot tell you how much of my time goes into thinking about the logistics of animal feet and shoe style. But when I finally settle on an idea, synchronicity comes to play.


Synchronicity, simply put, is a meaningful coincidence.  Ever think about someone and then they call you 5 minutes later? That’s synchronicity, my friend. In my case, synchronicity comes in the form of animals. Like I said, my head is swimming with ideas all the time, but then all of a sudden, I will start seeing one specific animal over and over again. I’ll see it on TV, billboards, while scrolling through instagram, or even in my dreams.  To me, it’s the universe telling me—Let’s paint that one!
Some of my more “logical” minded friends might call it the ‘frequency illusion.’ The idea that once we become aware of something, we are then more conscious of it and therefore THINK we see it more often, but it actually occurs just as often as it always has. To me, it’s one in the same. I think the universe will use any means necessary to get us moving in the right direction.
I know I am not the only one who experiences synchronicities. It happens to everyone! It’s just a matter of listening to it. This is where letting go of expectations comes in. When you spontaneously get a creative idea, or experience synchronicity—go with it! Your creative spirit is trying to work with you. Throw judgment out the window and let the magic happen!
Hopefully this holiday season you can find some time to listen to your creative spirit. And keep an eye out for synchronicities in your life. I’d love to hear about your experiences. Follow me on instagram @karingvibes and tell me all about ‘em!
With love,

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