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Drawing Inspiration From Life | Sew In Love Handmade

By April 1, 2016Product Reviews

It’s Easter morning in our house and my 2-year-old, Ada, can’t wait to go downstairs and see what the Easter Bunny has brought her. But first, she needs to find Bunny and bring her along. Although it was a special holiday, this has been the typical scenario in our household for the past few weeks. Ada and Bunny. Bunny and Ada. By now, I have figured out I need to make sure to know where her new bunny is at all times to avoid unwanted meltdowns!


Well, if you told me that my daughter would be as attached to this bunny as she is her lovey that she has had since the day she was born, I’d tell you, “No way!” I understand why she likes this handmade bunny so much, though. I almost kept it in the package, on my office shelf to admire rather than give it to her! I’m kidding! Well, kind of. The craftsmanship is exquisite. From the handmade headband with tiny felt flowers to the removable skirt and shoes. It is so obvious how much time, and care is spent on Sew In Love Handmade plush dolls. You just can’t buy mass produced items of this caliber.


After I had received my package and Ada was clearly delighted, I reached out to Amy Harward, the maker behind Sew In Love Handmade. I told her I am blown away by the quality and detailing on her dolls. I also asked her what inspires her. She emailed back right away and said, “My kids!” She added, “I only make things that they would want to wear or play with. I am constantly asking for their opinion and brainstorming with them for ideas.” I love the approach she takes to her business. You can tell that it is a labor or love and brings her and her family joy.


Ada loves the fact that you can remove the bunny’s headband, skirt, and shoes. I went to Sew In Love Handmade shop on Etsy, and they sell extra outfits for the dolls. This is such a great idea! Ada would also love to look like Bunny and (fingers crossed) it sounds like Amy may create a line of skirts and headbands that match the dolls. I will keep my eyes peeled, and we’ll be first in line to purchase these when they release.

As readers, and likely makers yourselves, I hope you draw inspiration from Amy and her small business. She is using experience from her life and creating with her heart.

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