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Firefly Handmade Market | Our Top 3 Vendors

Every time we attend a handmade market, we are reminded of their importance. We spent the weekend with makers from all over Colorado and surrounding states, and we could not be more proud of the makers we met and of this amazing handmade community.

It takes a lot of courage, perseverance and positivity  to own a small business. We could not be more impressed by the people who share this industry with us.


 Although we met and adored many vendors this weekend, we would like to single out 3 who we fell in love with!

Together, Chelsea and Bu Nan make Raised with Wolves, another Boulder maker we are astonished by!
They design and build creative wood shelving and transform reclaimed vintage lighting into modern terrariums and planters.
Crafted with amazing craftsmanship and creativity out of Colorado beetle kill pine, we couldn’t believe just how smooth and styled their collection was!

“With a BFA in ceramics, Chelsea has a rich background in traditional Craft materials & design. Bu Nan is a craftsman by trade with a zeal for artistry that’s fueled by his passion for meditation and nature.”
Perfect for displaying and organizing books, jewelry, and collectables or just mounted as home décor, we absolutely recommend putting them everywhere!
This weekend really was about meeting makers and spreading the handmade love, and we were so very lucky to be placed next to the amazing Ty Bramwell and her handmade shop, Ebb and Flow by Ty!
I spent all day staring at her booth, trying to remind myself I could only buy one of her pieces! In the end, I made my decision and haven’t taken off my ‘Mooncatcher’ necklace since Sunday!

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“I work to create pieces that are special, things to be treasured. I instinctively select every part to every piece in order to create the optimum beauty and flow.”
Ty is not only an amazingly talented jewelry and artisan, but she is also one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met! Noticeably in love with her craft, each piece is visibly made with immense detail and artistry.
Rekindle and connect with your own ebb and flow on her Etsy store and treat yourself and your handmade collection to new jewelry, gems, crystals and healing apothecary products.
Laura and Rootfoot get the award for best branding; consistent, beautiful, and true to name. Organic and wild crafted, Rootfoot’s essential oils connect us to plants and their wisdom, enhancing our free spirit and holistic health.
Rootfoot oils are chosen based on their ability to guide, heal, inspire and nourish the spirit.

“Throughout time, countless cultures have used aromatic oils for sacred ritual, aromatherapy, purification, contemplation, perfume, and medicine. We should look to these plants to expand our awareness and harmonize mind & spirit.”
Spending the weekend standing and walking on a hot concrete, I was so lucky to have found Rootfoot’s rose water spray. Refreshing, delightful, and energizing… Thank you for keeping me going!

Thank you to Firefly Handmade Market for making this event possible!