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Giving Back with Tiny Toes Design

I had the privilege of interviewing artist and owner of Tiny Toes Design, Brett. Her passion for lending a helping hand and making a difference are the driving forces behind her thriving small business.


As the story goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Brett’s father was an artist, and so she grew up surrounded by art and has creativity running through her veins. After decorating her son’s nursery and with some encouragement from friends and family, she launched Tiny Toes Designs. Brett is an animal lover and advocate, and she wanted her son to learn about animals and appreciate the multi-species planet in which we share. Brett also wanted her son to understand that animals can be part of a family, too. So her first works of art incorporated their family cat.

Always keeping social responsibility in the back of her mind in all of her endeavors, Brett knew she wanted to give back and make an impact. The nature of her animal artwork lends itself perfectly to supporting wildlife conservation and animal welfare causes. She donates 10% of all her proceeds.

One thing that is unique about her artwork is her animals are realistic, which you don’t often see with other nursery art. She finds importance in children growing up knowing what animals look like in the wild and does so through using a combination of watercolor markers, pen, and ink. It is also important that her customers are able to enjoy the art they purchase beyond the nursery years. Her age-agnostic artwork is enjoyed by more than just children, adults love it, too!

Brett was so kind to send two of her woodland creatures: the baby porcupine and the baby raccoon. Her art is certainly beautiful online, but in person, the fine line details are just so amazing and realistic. These two pieces are an awesome addition to my 3-year old daughter’s room since we live on the side of a mountain. These are sure to be prints that she can cherish throughout her whole childhood and beyond.

Just think, what a nicer world we would live in if we all gave back in some manner. It was lovely speaking with Brett, and she has inspired me to remember to continue to give back and help others.


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