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The Lake Nest | Family Owned

By October 23, 2016Meet the Maker

Let us introduce you to Jackie & her wonderful, family owned business, The Lake Nest, based in their at-home workshop design in Minnetonka, Minnesota, builds, and finishes custom furniture utilizing recycled materials. With a beautiful story & tons of inspiration, enjoy Jackie’s blog takeover!

Take it away, Jackie!

The Lake Nest

Hi! I’m “the Jackie of all trades” behind The Lake Nest. A small Art/Home Decor/Furniture shop that is custom/individually handmade by myself and my children out of our garage. The American Dream!

 Roughly 5 years ago, I was looking for a more world/business ready curriculum to add in homeschooling my children, desiring to expose them to an entrepreneurial world that I had little to zero first hand knowledge of…how business works, supply/demand, import/export, marketing etc. Believing that we can do anything we put our minds to and a hands on approach is the best teacher. We dove head on!
Using my DIY knowledge/tools, recently acquired table building skills combined with this wonderful online handmade community, Etsy. Sitting at the computer in our home office, perched high above the lake pondering a business name… The Lake Nest was born into the online world!
While it is hard to put into words what we have learned from this business, I believe that it has been/continues to be one of the greatest teachers for myself and my children. I believe in teaching yourself. The retention of information learned when self taught/lived has been, in my experience, greater than someone explaining/teaching it. The world we live in today has so much rich information available to us, one only has to have the curiosity and will to find/learn whatever they desire. I want to model to my children that they can do anything not just in words but ACTION.
 I love that our teaching/experiment/business has become a true family business and my children are actively participating in more of the roles. Tyler, 16 is now building headboards and thanks to a few classes in metals is knowledgeable in welding. He has thoughts on founding a parts manufacturing shop. Kahli, 13, is now sanding, finishing headboards and creating her own scrap Art pieces (I’m passionate about recycling of every bit). She has thoughts on fashion and Art and is talented in both creating Art and sewing functional fashion.

This wonderful online Handmade community is so inspiring and I am so grateful to have had the success in it that we have been blessed with. I believe an artists energy is reflected in their creations and buying a handmade product is so beneficial to the world. As a self taught designer, woodworker artisan I have grown in skill through some of the toughest lessons in life.

My Art has brought comfort, seen me through dark times and given me excitement. Going to bed with a mind racing of how to construct a new design to wake up with enthusiasm to get into the shop and create it. My hope is that everyone has the opportunity to find their talent/ skill/ Joy and put it to use!

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Etsy Shop: TheLakeNest

Instagram: @thelakenest

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