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Meet the Maker: Sarah Westwood

By December 22, 2016Meet the Maker

The first time I saw art by Sarah Westwood, I thought, “What a cute dog.” Little did I know that that cute pup is more than just an illustrated character. He is one of Sarah’s beloved pets! Read more to find out how Sprocket the dog changed Sara’s life and business.

When did you start illustrating?

I’ve always drawn, but the freehand digital illustration only started about four years ago when I got an iPad for Christmas, and I quickly downloaded a drawing app.  I did an awful lot of doodling on it, but at the time I didn’t see it becoming apart of my business.

What inspired you to become an artist and/or entrepreneur?

As a child, I spent a lot of time drawing, and when I was still at primary school, I decided I wanted to work at Walt Disney drawing cartoons.  I never did go on to work for Disney (lol) but I still carried on drawing and experimenting, and I ended up doing a degree in Surface Pattern Design.  I live in a very rural part of North Yorkshire, so I felt at the time my only option was to work for myself.

Which came first: Sprocket or your business?

My business came first way back in 2005; I made original pieces of artwork for local galleries. At the time I was spray painting onto canvases. Then in 2009 I started making originals out of wax, vintage paper, and oil paint.  I got Sprocket back in 2007 when he was about eight weeks old; I picked him up on my birthday.  I’ve always wanted a Weimaraner after ten years of waiting I finally had a really naughty and cheeky little puppy.

When did you start chronicling and illustrating Sprockets adventures?

Two years ago I took part in the ‘100 days of …..’ project on Instagram.  It was on the first day at about 11.30 pm when my friend messaged me to remind me to post my first image for the first day.  I had planned on doing a mini wax piece of art but because I’d totally forgot I panicked and put a Sprocket doodle up.  It got such a great response that for the next 99 days I posted using my digital illustrations.  I would get requests and ideas from people all over the world and people really seemed to enjoy the series.  It was sad when it came to an end but Sprocket the Dog was born.

Sprocket sounds like one amazing dog. How has he changed your life and business?

The real Sprocket has changed a lot about me.  He makes me take time out to walk him, and that’s actually really important to have a bit of thinking space.  My business over the lat couple of years has changed, I never thought I’d be classified as a digital illustrator and have a really colourful mix of work that I’m very proud of.

What’s next for Sprocket and Sarah Westwood?

What’s next….. well the next chapter has already started with a series called Meet Ted.  Ted is a cocker spaniel and Sprockets younger brother from another mother. Ted is slowly getting introduced into Sprocket illustrations as his very own side kick.


Website: myversionofevents.co.uk

Shop: Sarah Westwood

Instagram: @sarwestwood



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