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Overwhelmed with lists, plans, agendas?

Well, Lisa from Grit Sparkles is here to help! Maker of planner stickers, Grit Sparkles is overloaded with cuteness and their planning stickers will make your planners stand out and stay organized!

Hello world!

I’m Lisa from Grit Sparkles and I’m excited to show you a glimpse of the Plan With Me world. In the planning community, the possibilities in decorating your week are endless with weekly themes.

Having an eye-catching weekly spread motivates you to look at your planner so you can tackle your goals and tasks. From beginners to advanced planners, sticker themed kits are great as it gives you a head start on colour schemes. Plus, it’s a great time saver when you’re stuck on a rut for generating more ideas.

The best part of using planner sticker kits is that you get more bang for your buck and the stickers last more than a week’s spread. Don’t be afraid to use other stickers in different shades. For example, I used the Grit Sparkles Etsy tracker and hydration stickers on my spread and the colours slightly deviate from the Christmas colour schemes. 

In life, we face challenges and we’ll all have our fair share of highs and lows (sometimes more than the other). As entrepreneurs, we need to constantly motivate ourselves through the good and bad times. I used quote stickers from Me and My Big Ideas to motivate myself every time I go through my schedule.

Plan to succeed!

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