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Me so thorny!

Small spike thorny stud earrings in sterling silver, with turquoise stones for an earthy burst of colour.

These small turquoise cabochons are about 5mm in diameter. Re the turquoise: my supplier sends me a grab-bag of stones and I do my best to match each pair according to the colour, the amount of matrix, etc… but please know that every pair will be different, but perfect in its own right:)

Made entirely by hand in my Toronto studio.


  • Handmade by Archerade
  • Ships worldwide
    • Shipping within Canada is $15 and goes out via Xpresspost. This includes tracking and insurance, and should take about 1 to 3 business days.
    • Shipping to the US is $20 via tracked packet, which can take up to 6 business days. This also includes tracking and insurance.
    • Shipping everywhere else is $15 for a Small Packet, which includes insurance but NO tracking. This takes around 6 to 10 business days. To include a tracking number I can upgrade to a tracked packet, which will cost around $45 to $60 depending on where you live. This option does not ship to every country, however, so get in touch with me and we can figure it out.
    • If you require different shipping options – faster, slower, cheaper, more expensive – again, let me know and we will work it out together.


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