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Tip Tuesday with 144 Collection

Founder Emily had the chance to chat with owner & founder of 144 Collection, Lesia. With the holidays on the way, learn how she not only prepared for a shop revamp but the start of the fabulous handmade holidays. The perfect ‘tip tuesday’ read!

144 Collection | Tip Tuesday

Tell us how you got started with your business? 
I started 144 Collection as a hobby. I started sewing as a way to de-stress but also express my creative side. I had a wonderful sewing instructor who also taught me how to make patterns. I started making little pouches and apron patterns. I tested them out on family and friends with great sucess. I started creating patterns for bags and 144 Collection was born. The name comes from the building I use to live in and first started sewing on my Singer machine.

From where do you draw inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from all over especially when it comes to shapes. These days I’m driven more by what family and friends ask me to create for special moments in their lives.
Give us a sneak peak into your workshop/ craft space. 
My craft space takes up quite a bit of my apartment. Living in NYC, I have had to learn how to get creative with small spaces. I try to keep everything contained in my Ikea Kallax shelving units but things can get very messy quickly.

You have recently done a revamp of your shop. What is new? What’s coming? 
I have been working on adding new items like canvas color blocked makeup bags, wristlets, leather pouches and coin purses to my shop. I have been also working on updating my SEO tags which can be a long tedious process. I am currently working on adding more handbags and clutches for the holiday season.

What inspired you revamp some of your items? What did you learn through this process? 
It comes with time and as I branch out into making new things. My family friends are very instrumental in determining what I will work on next. For example, I started making clutch bags last year after designing three for my cousin’s prom. With every new design, I learn that I am capable of creating more items than I thought. It is never good to limit yourself because you will always be surprised with what you come up with.

How do you prepare your business for the holidays. What can we expect to see this holiday season? 
The holidays are always a hectic time. I prepare by making sure I am stocked up on all the supplies I may need whether it be shipping supplies, tags, or wrapping paper. Every holiday season is different, but based on the shows I have done so far wristlets and canvas bags are a hit. I plan on making a lot more of both items this season.

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