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A Morning with Daybreaker

6AM: For a brief moment, I feel like I’m the only person alive. I glance over to the dance studio with colorful lights already going, and I catch neon shoes carrying in a giant inflatable flamingo. Here we go.

Let me set some background – A typical morning of mine consists of hitting the snooze button about three times, having a solitary breakfast, and topping it off with a hot coffee as I scroll through a sea of social media and emails. The first mention of “Daybreaker?” came from a friend at 6AM. I chuckled, first at the impressive hour my friend was awake at, and then the idea of a yoga sesh followed by a dance party. All before 9AM. I could never see myself doing that.

Fast forward a week later and I meet Rachel Namordi, one of the dynamic duo that started the Denver/Boulder branch of Daybreaker. She beams through the computer screens of the coffee shop we meet at. We talk about life, happiness, and how Daybreaker is changing the game. A healthy, morning ritual surrounded by dance and reckless abandon. It’s like power boosting your day with the intention to be your best self. Dance, sweat, sparkle, then go to work.

We’ve all seen the countless articles on our Facebook feed, “Morning Rituals from Successful People”, “How to Have a More Productive Morning”, “5 Habits to Do Before 8AM”. This is how to be happy, this is how to be successful, this is how to be you. I’m guilty as charged for opening those as well, in a search to be better than myself. The more of these I read, the more I see what I’m lacking. I’m not good enough. I’m not doing enough. Isn’t that, well, the opposite intention? All these routines and rituals. When was the last time you broke your routine? Did something purely fun and shamelessly unproductive?

Here I am at 6AM, I arrive in a leopard print onesie and a large, black fur jacket. I’m definitely not standing out from the masks and glitter already there. I’m introduced with hugs, not handshakes. I nibble on all the treats they have open – organic cold brew coffee, yogurts, fresh bagels, delicious food to fuel the party. The room is packed for the yoga session, a new friend and I stand in the back quietly dancing, hardly able to contain ourselves for the main event. The sun is peaking over the horizon, and it’s time to break the day. The music kicks up. The mats are pulled away. I hear a few yelps and hollers hitting the dance floor. Professional dancers, live music, balloons, all fill the space. An absolute party at 7AM. What?

I’m dancing, laughing, smiling, with people I just met. My heart is full (after burning about 1000 calories on the dance floor). 9AM rolls around, I change my clothes and get back in time for a business meeting. I danced my ass off all morning, I didn’t follow my routine, I’d hardly call that productive, but I was happy. I think all too often we get caught up in being more than ourselves, and we forget why we’re doing it in the first place. We forget the playful mischief and curiosity that first inspired our passion. I can only hope this small reminder sparks something in you again.

For all HL makers and movers around the world, use this promo code for 15% off the next Daybreaker event close to you: HANDMADELOVESDB. This discount is available on any and all tickets until 2/28/2017I’ll see you on the dance floor.

With Love and Mischief,



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