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Creative Entrepreneur Club

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Are you an entrepreneur? Then, join the Creative Entrepreneur Club Facebook group!

“You should totally start a blog. Wait, no actually you should be focusing on building a community on Facebook. And, don’t forget about Instagram. Ok, right. You’ve got this. You can do it all.”

10 min later….

“I’m lost. I’m confused. Where do I start? How do I go about these tasks in a way that saves time and resources?”

This is the dialogue in my head at least 20 times each day. Being a solorpreneur is awesome, but it can also be lonely especially when you are alone with your thoughts and left up to your own devices. If you are like me, you love being independent, making your own decisions and running with your heart. But, sometimes you feel unsure about yourself and business direction.

A lot of times, I would love to ask those that have gone before me how to best go about a task. It’s great if you have a friend that totally gets it. You can meet and talk shop. But, that’s one opinion, and one outlet for sharing ideas and one person can’t be an expert on everything…

Enter the power of a community. I discovered Facebook communities when my daughter was born. She is only three, and yes, I am a latecomer to the world of Facebook groups. I am not much of a mommy playgroup person, so I decided to find a local group in which I could pop in and out of as needed. I was a total observer for months until I got up the courage to type a question and hit post. I was afraid other moms would judge me or even worse ignore my post. But of course, that wasn’t the case. A handful of moms who had experienced what I was going through either offered words of encouragement or suggestions on how to overcome my obstacle. I instantly felt supported! It happened in a matter of minutes. I was astounded at how quickly I could get advice and support at the same time while leveraging the collective knowledge of a group of women experiencing what I was. Slowly I became more active, and you know what? I love giving advice, too. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and boosts my self-confidence (oddly!).

So naturally, I am thinking about my own community of creative entrepreneurs. There are 200,000 of you that follow me on Instagram. I know only a fraction of you will ever see this, but what if we can all come together and support one another in a deeper way. I see all of you liking, following, and commenting on each others’ posts and it’s wonderful. But, now I want to create a place for people to share achievements, struggles, and voice opinions. I want us to leverage the collective knowledge and support one another so we can all learn, grow, and thrive as individuals.

So without further ado – please join me on this crazy entrepreneurial journal and join my FB community the, Creative Entrepreneur Club HERE. Let’s band together and rise!

Handmade Loves E-book Review

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Hi, Friends!

I am so thrilled to write this blog post dedicated to the new e-book called, The Handmade Loves’ Guide to Instagram Success: How to Build an Audience and Make Sales, written by our founder Emily Strom!  As an artist and small business owner, I have similar concerns and questions as many of the makers in this community. And like many of you, I use Instagram as my main source of marketing. I LOVE Instagram! I Love taking pictures of my products, staging the perfect photo, and editing the color just right. I love creative writing and coming up with silly captions and picking the perfect emojis to go along with it. But after all that fun stuff is done, it’s time for the marketing and hashtagging. If I am honest, marketing, in general, seems extremely inauthentic to me. That is why this e-book is SO helpful. It gives marketing advice that does not seem pandering or cheesy. I am going to list a few of my favorite takeaways from the book that got me motivated to make some marketing changes in my business. Hopefully,  they click with you, too!

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What’s Trending? Guest Blog by StyledByRyn

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Hey Y’all Hey! My name is Lauryn from StyledByryn.

I am a Wardrobe Stylist, Jewelry designer & blogger (obviously…) I’m the one who loves to shop and I try to keep up with the trends! Though, I believe trends are there to be guidelines that you don’t have to necessarily follow, but they’re there to tell you when something is “INstyle” and in season.

For Winter 2015, you get a taste of the trends and what I have found for your wardrobe that you may just need in your life! 😉

Here’s the list!!!

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