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No matter what season it is, Elena Tari has made sure that scarves are a year-round accessories. With all sorts of styles, designs, fabrics and more, her small shop is versatile and unbelievably beautiful.

Here is her story!

Meet The Maker


My name is Elena Tari and I am the designer behind Elena’s LittleShoppe on Etsy. I am so excited to be sharing my shop with this blog! Connecting with creative minds and learning from other handmade business owners inspires me.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2013, not knowing where it would take me. After months of ironing out the finer details and learning how to improve my listings with photography, the use of the proper keywords, and detailed descriptions, I began connecting with customers from around the world! Their happiness with my products made me so excited and pushed me to continuously improve. 

Soon, the selection in my shop was filled with several styles of infinity and blanket scarves, head wraps, skirts, paper prints and personalized stickers.

I am pleased to call my Etsy shop my growing small business. I did not know how much I would love designing, sewing and packaging my orders and sending them off to new homes. For my customers, there is something special about receiving a handmade package in the mail, and my tag line is always “Handmade with Love.” 

My Etsy business has given me a newfound appreciation for handmade shops and the time and care that is put into them. It has inspired me to shop local and you should too!

xo, Elena

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