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Meet the Maker | Mina Miyaki

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jasmina Mathieu creator, and owner of Mina Miyaki. Her tagline is: Fresh Prints. Cute bags. And I can’t agree more! I loved chatting with Jasmina because she leads such a colorful life. She grew up in France. In her early 20s, she moved to NYC and pursued a degree from Parson’s School of Design. She now resides in the Seattle area.


Jasmina started her career as a graphic designer, and while she excels in the digital world, she wanted to create something more personal and physically tangible. It seems only natural that she should end up designing fabrics, sewing, and creating stylish accessories. As our conversation progressed, Jasmina reflected upon how her grandmother immigrated to the US from Jamaica and was a seamstress. She also reminisced how her mother taught her to sew as a child. Through her business, Jasmina has been able to reconnect with her early passions for drawing and fabric, while still utilizing her graphic design background. She noted that it feels like her business found her and not the other way around. She just couldn’t ignore her heritage and background as it led her right to where she needs to be.


I am so in awe of what one person can accomplish. Jasmina is the sole creator of her product from designing to each and every stitch on a bag. It’s quite amazing if you think about it! She first draws her designs by hand, letting her hand lead the way. We should all take a page from Jasmina’s book – she doesn’t force her creativity. She starts drawing and then goes with wherever it leads her. Well, I’d say it leads her to some pretty amazing places. Once she has a design or pattern she likes, she takes her drawings and converts them to vector on her computer and adds color. Here’s where her digital know-how comes in handy! From there she prints fabric and then sews her beautiful creations. Jasmina wrote a lovely, detailed piece on her blog about her process. Check it out here!


Everyone picks up tidbits of wisdom and knowledge along the way, in life, and in business. Jasmina has some great advice that we can all relate to and use. Her advice is simply to just keep going. I completely agree with her. Too often, people freeze and feel like they can’t make progress. Even when you feel like you can’t, you have to push forward. Taking even the tiniest of steps will get you that much closer to accomplishing your goals.
I am so happy I was able to connect with Jasmina and learn more about her small business. She has passion, drive and makes me feel inspired. I can’t wait to watch her business continue to grow and thrive.


Website: Minamiyaki.com

Instagram: @Mina.Miyaki

Facebook: Mina Miyaki

Pinterest: MinaMiyaki

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