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Why Your New Year’s Resolution Isn’t Working

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Congratulations. You got through the month and a half of 2017. At this point, your kid’s holiday gifts are now a normal accessory on your living room floor and the champagne flutes are back in the cabinet. And what about those New Year’s resolutions? How are those holding up? You know – that strong cocktail you served yourself on December 31, 2016 – mixed with wonder, determination and excitement (shaken…never stirred).

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How to Attract Free PR

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We just love serendipitous collaborations! Nicole McDonald, owner and design genius behind Eco Collective Australia reached out because she was interested in writing a blog about PR. Little did she know that we were looking for makers to contribute to our blog. A few email exchanges later she had penned this fantastic article detailing ways for you to get free PR. It might be just the jumpstart you need for your business!

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Mona Botanicals | Handmade Skincare

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For the first time, I was given the amazing opportunity to review handmade skincare! Iris from Mona Botanicals got in touch with us for a product review and I was ecstatic! A few short days after discussing shipping, my beautiful samples arrived. I am someone who is always hesitant about trying new skincare products, however, the organic elements of Mona Botanicals’ products set my worries at ease.

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My 3 Handmade Loves

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Eve here! I have been on such an amazing HandmadeLoves roll lately, constantly being inspired by the creativity and I can’t wait to share with you three of my favorite products in the last few months! I am so lucky to have product reviews be a part of my job description because not only do I get to be in contact with phenomenal makers, but I get to take in amazing products!

Today, I wanted to round up a few of favorites from this last month. Thank you SO much to all the vendors. My home and closets are all so much happier representing each of you! Read More

Creative Burnout

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Last week, I finished my 4th quarter of graduate school. I was so excited for a three-week break. I was planning on doing some painting, writing, and other fun crafty things. But when my last final was turned in, and the first school free Monday came around, I felt like doing nothing! I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to paint. I didn’t want to do anything creative. All I wanted to do was lounge around and watch Netflix. I was experiencing the dreaded creative burnout!!

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