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A New Take On The Loop Scarf | Wish Project

Our friends over at the Wish Project are so excited to share with you their Schloop, a scarf that is cute AND won’t mess up your hair, ha! Get excited.

Loop here, Loop there. The tube scarf comes in every possible fabric, color and length. So there is nothing really new to the popular accessory. Ok, some are handmade and that is why we like them all the more. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that any effort I put into my hairdo goes down the drain as soon as I pull over the otherwise so fancy and comfy accessory.

That is why I am more than happy that I found something that spares me the fuss with the hair (yes, I am quite vain when it comes to my hair…).

The piece I am talking about is called a SCHLOOP.

The word derives from a blend of German: “Schal” (scarf) plus “loop”. Not only the term melts two accessories we all love, the product itself does, too. Thanks to a beautiful cotton button and a tiny loop at the ends respectively you get the popular “loop” look WITHOUT messing with your hair(do). It is so easy and fancy. There is even more to come.

Quality + Conscience

Material and supplies for the Schloop are all fair wear and trade. Every Schloop is handmade with love – from the idea to the parcel.


You can vary the look of your Schloop. Either you wear it the triangular way, with the button in the center or you move it a bit further to get the pure loop look with the button at the side. Cosy microfiber plush on the inner side ensures a warm neck in any wind and weather.


Of course you can also create your very own Schloop. You can choose the front fabric, the button and the color of the microfiber plush.

So where does this wunderkind come from?

The Schloop is designed and handmade by WishProject in Gotha, Germany. Two sisters, Kathrin and Steffi, made their wish of being creative together come true when they founded their fashion label WishProject in 2010. Functionality played a major role in their creations.

The sisters wanted wish pieces that are both: fancy AND convenient. Kathrin and Steffi love fabrics and to “play” with them. Thanks to a little bit of sane craziness and dear customers, they are never running out of ideas, regardless how unique or outlandish they might be. Every wish piece represents their love for color and detail, as well as their demand for quality and conscience.

They only use fabrics with European origin and supplies made in Germany. Materials that come cheap or are produced under dubious conditions are out of the question. By the time the Schloop has become a constant piece of the WishProject winter collections.

Next to many other wish pieces I will tell you about next time… MAKE A WISH


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